Cattle on Feed

Track investor cattle in feedlots

If You run Pasture Cattle or Feed Cattle in multiple Feedlots, then the Cattle on Feed program can put you back in charge of your investments. Designed to track costs and performance for each lot of cattle in pastures or feedlots. Cattle on Feed is a new updated windows version.

Data does not have to be entered daily, Head days are calculated on demand, Cattle weight can be increased at the same time. Partnership owned lots can also be setup, charges are divided during the update procedure. There is one input screen to enter feedbill Data. Head Days are calculated by actual transaction Dates.

Multiple feedyards and pasture can be setup. Each location can be identified with a 6 digit code. Lot ID's can have a maximum of 8 digits, numbers, letters or both. One location can have up to 128 lots.

Account ID can be setup for different owners or types of cattle, Steers, Heifers, Grass Cattle or Wheat Stockers. Lot ID can start with a different letter for each feedyard location. Reports can be run by Account ID or lot pattern. This provides you with unlimited flexibility.

General Specifications

  • For Windows 98, 2000, NT, XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and the latest Windows 10
  • 1000 feedlot locations
  • 128 Lots/Locations
  • 4 Character owner account ID
  • 6 Character feedlot/pen ID
  • 8 Character lot ID
  • 255 Special fees
  • Unlimited # of Buys, Sales, Deads
  • Movements between locations
  • Lot splitting
  • Lot Merging
  • Calculates head days on demand
  • Calculates new weights
  • Partnerships - 30 owners/lot maximum
  • Calculates current breakeven
  • Run Trial Closeouts at anytime
  • Calculate interest on Closeouts
  • Calculate Cattle Breakeven Analysis
  • Total edit of all data
  • Tracks payments to feedyard
  • Historical lots section
  • Easy to use

Report Options

  • Lot Analysis
  • Yard Sheet
  • Master Lot Record
  • Cattle Buys/Sales/Deads
  • Sell Sheet
  • Cattle Inventory
  • Market Value
  • Breakeven Analysis (2 types)
  • Account List
  • Accounts Receivable/Payable
  • Financial Position
  • Closeouts
  • Monthly Performance on Closed Lots
  • Historical Closed Lots Analysis
  • Plus many more

The Cattle on Feed program is user friendly and easy to startup. Existing lots on feed can be entered on a single startup screen. Reports are flexible and offer the options of running reports for all lots on feed or only lots at individual feedyards. If you are tracking cattle for multiple owners, reports can be run for individual owners.

Want to know how many cattle are on feed at any one location? It is a breeze, just run a lot Analysis by Lot Pattern and in just a few seconds, total head count, average weights, breakevens, all on one report!

The Historical Lots option provides for complete analysis of closed lots. This option gives you the ability to review the performance of each feedlot you feed cattle at. Reports in this section are user defined and allow you to search for specific items in the report. Closed lots can be deleted or moved to the Historical files.

Hi-Plains Systems has other software available including Pro Feeder, Pro Mini, and Pro Pasture. All are designed to provide the livestock industry with the management data they need in this competitive business. Sample printouts are available on request.

Note: General specifications, reports and price is subject to change without notice.

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