About Us

Hi-Plains Systems was founded in 1980, the owners were actively involved in writing feedlot software in the late 1970’s, before PC computers were available.

Original programs ran on floppy disks, under CPM operating system. After the IBM PC was released, we converted our software to run on PC computers. As time went by and technology changed, we adapted and our latest conversion of our feedlot programs was to windows in 2000.

As of today, we have feedlot programs installed in various locations around the world including USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina and Australia.

Feedlot Programs Include

  • Pro Feeder
  • Pro Mini
  • Private Feeder
  • Pro Pasture
  • Cattle on Feed
  • Pro Harvest
  • Pro Med
  • Options to interface feedlot programs with Quickbooks

Mobile Apps

New additions to our feedlot software include 4 apps that run on an iPad, iPhone or the iPod touch. Starting development of mobile apps in 2009, we have many different feedlot apps in the Apple App Store.

Interfacing to Other Software

Other programs include options to interface with various truck scales for feeding, such as the leading Digi-Star TMR tracker system or the Gallagher Scales. We also can interface with most companies bunk and animal health programs.

Custom Software

In addition to our software products, we also write custom software products for our customers. Majority of our custom software is modifying our feedlot programs to match a customers needs. We also have written custom software related to the cattle industry for our customers. If you would like a custom application, visit the Contact Us page and let us know.