Pro Med - New Windows Release!

Track hospital treatments by individual animal

Pro Med program tracks vet treatments by individual animal ID. Pro Med can be run as a standalone program or it can be interfaced to Hi-Plains Systems Pro Feeder, Pro Mini, Private Feeder and Pro Pasture programs. Treatments are linked to each tag and to the Lot #. Previous treatments for each tag ID can be displayed when an animal is retreated. Incoming animals ID and weight can be entered. Repeat weighing’s data can be entered by individual animals. Drug usage per treatment can be calculated by the animal’s weight.

Lot data can be downloaded from Hi-Plains Systems Feedlot programs. Projected ship date, current weight, next implant date and DOF are tracked by each lot. Multiple treatment reports are available, by the lot or by the individual tag ID.

General Specifications

  • For Windows 98, 2000, NT, XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and the latest Windows 10
  • Virtually unlimited tags and treatments
  • Up to 255 drugs, user defined
  • 99 definable diagnosis
  • 99 definable treatments
  • 99 processing routines, user defined
  • Implant schedules
  • User setup pens
  • All treatments are stored for the life of the lot
  • Record dead's
  • Transfer animals and treatments between lots
  • Merge lots and treatments
  • Treatments can be tied to a diagnosis
  • Review individual animal treatments on the screen
  • Transfer medicine costs and processing costs by lot to the feedlot program
  • Drug inventory is maintained in the feedlot program
  • Individual animals can be tracked and individual weights
  • Drug costs can be re-priced prior to moving to the Pro Feeder

Reporting Options

  • Drug list
  • Lot lists
  • Diagnosis, predefined Treatment lists and processing routines
  • Treatment report
        1. Individual animal ID
        2. All treated animals by lot
        3. Treatment list by range of dates
        4. By diagnosis
        5. Sort by date, tag, or diagnosis
  • Processing memo
  • Work order
  • Projected re-implants scheduled by lot
  • Treatment analysis report
  • Morbidity / Mortality report
  • Problem animals report on lot shipment date
  • Tag report by lot
  • Weighs report by lot, multiple weighing's

Reports can be viewed on the screen or printed

Note: General specifications, reports and price is subject to change without notice.

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