Breakeven Analysis - App Store

One of our latest products to go to the mobile market is a cattle breakeven calculator. This easy to use app is available for the iPhone and iPod touch on  the Apple App Store. Imagine being at a cattle sale and trying to guess what it would cost to feed a new lot of cattle. Or do you have customers calling on finishing cattle and you are not near your computer? These 2 situations along with many others are perfect examples of how convenient our Breakeven Calculator is for the mobile device. You can use this app, standalone on your device, meaning this DOES NOT require any PC to setup or use. It takes just a few inputs from you as seen in the screenshots below. The calculator will give you ALL of the necessary information that is needed to determine ship dates, feeding costs, cost of gain, breakeven per hundred weight, and much much more! Be sure to view some images of the app in action below or visit the Contact Us page to find out more information. You can also click on this link to view the app in the App Store: iTunes Link

Images from the App

Main input screen from the App

Main input screen continued from the App

First section of the breakeven analysis

Second section of the breakeven analysis

Last section of the breakeven analysis

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