A Few things that may annoy you that other programs do...

If you enter in some data incorrectly, you have to delete the lot and start over?

ALL of the data in our programs are editable. You can come back to change ANY number when you need to!

Want to see a financial analysis or closeout report before the cattle have shipped and the program can't?

A closeout report is available as a trial or preliminary report so you can see the financial analysis at any time!

If you have a commodity price change during a billing period do you have to back out feed and re-feed?

Our programs are the MOST flexible for pricing and changes. Recalculate or set your prices for the commodity or ration at any time!

Are you forced to have all of your ingredients and rations by Hundred Weight (CWT)?

ALL of our programs allow your ingredients and rations in LB, Bushel, CWT and Ton.

Do you have to create a fictitious pen to achieve a pen to pen movement?

ALL of our programs allow more than 1 lot (with or without different owners) in a pen giving you easy pen to pen movements!

Can you charge yardage even if they do not get fed?

Yardage can be charged even without feed. IE - You have some cattle just grazing in a pasture but still need to charge yardage.

Feedlot Program Comparasion

Below is a brief chart that shows the differences between our main 3 feedlot programs.

Maximum Number of Pens UNLIMITED UNLIMITED 20
Maximum Number of Lots per Pen UNLIMITED UNLIMITED 50
Maximum Number of Special Pens UNLIMITED UNLIMITED 5
Maximum Number of Rations 512 512 32
Maximum Number of Commodities 255 255 32
Maximum Number of Special Fees 255 255 32
Maximum Number of Owners per Lot 30 30 30
Number of Reports (Approx) 100 50 30
Lot Splits and Merges X X X
Pen to Pen Movements X X X
Print Feedbills X X X
Multiple Billing Periods Open at Once X X X
Closeout Reports X X X
Breakeven Analysis X X X
Accounts Receivable Reports X X X
Commodity Inventory X X X
Incoming Commodity Tickets X X X
View Reports on Screen or Print X X X
Reports Sorted by Pen, Lot or Account X X X
Track Payments by Lot X X X
Medicine Treatments by Lot X X X
Re-Price Rations For Billing Period X X X
Historical Lot Information X X
Interfaces with Pro Med X X
Interfaces with Quickbooks X X
Interface with Pro Grain X
Aging Report X
Feedcard Capability X
User Defined Reports X
Feed Financing X
Cattle Financing with Cattle Notes X
Grain Bank X
Prepaid Commodities and Rations X
Total Prepaid by Dollars X