iPro Feed - App Store

Combined with Hi-Plains Systems Pro Feeder, Pro Mini, or Private Feeder you can now enter in all of your feedings on your mobile device. Export your data from the Hi-Plains Systems desktop application and have your feeding information on your device. Included information would be the Lot, Pen, # of head, yesterdays feed, yesterdays ration and pounds fed per head. You can easily enter in your ration and pounds delivered for that day. You can feed multiple times in one day without syncing, and it will keep a running total for your pens. It also has the ability to feed multiple rations to a pen during the feeding. Snycing to your desktop feedlot program is very easy and takes just seconds! Be sure to view some images of the app in action below or visit the Contact Us page to find out more information. You can also follow this link to view the app in the App Store: iTunes Link

Images from the iPad App

Main entry screen on the iPad

Easily choose the ration and pounds delivered for each pen

Images from the iPhone App

Main entry screen on the iPhone

Easily add additional rations to deliver to a pen

View additional information about the pen

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