Interface to Quickbooks

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The savings in time and money will never stop when you have Pro Feeder or Pro Mini with the interface to Quick Books Pro installed. Eliminate duplicate entries, one in your feedlot program and one in Quick Books, now all entries made in the Pro Feeder can be imported into Quick Books Pro, version 2004 and later.

From your feedlot program, you can create the following files for Quick Books:

  • Customer File
  • Commodity Vendor File
  • Medicine Vendor File

During the billing period, incoming grain, medicine payables, customer payments, payments made to medicine and commodity vendors are moved to an IIF file. The data can then be imported into your Quick Books.

Grain and medicine payments made in Pro Feeder not only handle the AP account but a check is also waiting to be printed after importing the data. Customer payments are also downloaded.

When you Period End Forward Balance in Pro Feeder, all transactions for each lot, grain inventory used, ration sales, fees sales and cost of sales are all downloaded and ready to be imported.

All exported data from Pro Feeder is sent to an IIF file and imported to Quick Books by the operator.

Pro Feeder or Pro Mini is required for this option.

Note: General specifications, reports and price is subject to change without notice.

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